How to add captions on Instagram? (2024)

By Louis-Axel Guyot — 5 minutes read

  1. Understanding Auto-Generated Captions on Instagram
  • What are Auto-Generated Captions on Instagram?
  • Why You Should Use Captions on Instagram Videos
  1. How to Utilize Auto-Generated Captions on Instagram
  • How to Auto-Generate Captions on Instagram Posts, Reels, and Stories Manually (Only Available in the United States)
  • How to Auto-Generate Captions on Instagram Posts Automatically (Only Available in the United States)
  • The Best Way to Create Auto-Generated Captions from Your Post (Available Everywhere)
  1. How to Add Captions to an Instagram Post After Posting It?
  2. How to Activate Subtitles on Instagram Videos You Watch?
  3. Why You Should Use Captions on Instagram Videos
  • Auto-Generated Captions Improve Accessibility
  • People Watch Videos Without Sound
  • Captions Make Your Videos More Dynamic
  • Captions Can Boost SEO and Discoverability
  1. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram’s Auto-Generated Captions

Automatic captions can transform your Instagram videos, making them more accessible and engaging for a broader audience.

In this guide, we'll show you the steps to create and fine-tune your own captions, ensuring that everyone can enjoy your content, regardless of their hearing ability or viewing environment.

How to utilize auto-generated captions on Instagram

How to auto-generate captions on Instagram posts, reels and stories manually (only available in United States)

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Once you upload your video, tap the sticker button

  1. Now click on “Captions”

  1. Review and Edit: Once the video is uploaded, review the captions and make any necessary adjustments to ensure accuracy.

How to auto-generate captions on Instagram posts automatically (only available in United States)

  1. After uploading your video, go to -> “Advanced settings”

  1. Once you are in the advanced settings, click on "show captions"

You can also do this when you upload your video. ;)

The best way to create auto-generated captions from your post (available everywhere)

For those who want beautiful subtitles, Snapvid offers a powerful tool that simplifies creating and editing high-quality captions.

With Snapvid, you can automatically generate captions that are more precise and stylistically consistent with your brand’s voice. Here’s what you can do using Snapvid to enhance your Instagram videos:

Create Viral Videos with SNAPVID

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How to add captions to an Instagram post after posting it?

  1. Open one of your videos and click "..."

  1. Click “manage videos”

  1. Click “edit”

  1. Click “advanced settings”

  1. Click “Show captions”

How to activate subtitles on instagram videos you watch?

  1. Tap your profile photo to go on your profile

  1. Tap the menu

  1. Tap “Settings and privacy”

  1. Tap “Accessibility”

  1. Tap “Captions”

  1. Tap Captions button

Understanding auto-generated captions on Instagram

What are auto-generated captions on Instagram?

Auto-generated captions are texts that are automatically produced by Instagram's AI to subtitle the spoken content in videos.

This feature is designed to make videos more accessible and engaging by providing a textual representation of the audio.

The captions are generated in real-time and can be edited for accuracy, ensuring that your message is conveyed correctly and effectively.

Why you should use captions on Instagram videos

Captions on Instagram videos serve more than just an accessibility feature; they are a crucial tool for increasing engagement and reaching a broader audience.

Here’s why incorporating captions into your Instagram videos is beneficial:

Auto-generated captions improve accessibility

Captions play a pivotal role in making your content accessible to everyone, including individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

By providing a textual representation of the audio, captions ensure that all viewers can fully understand and engage with your videos, regardless of their hearing ability.

People watch videos without sound

A significant number of Instagram users browse their feeds in environments where audio is not feasible, such as in public places or late at night when others might be sleeping.

Captions allow these users to watch videos without missing out on the content, thus increasing the likelihood that they will view your entire video.

Captions make your videos more dynamic

Including captions can make your videos more dynamic and appealing.

They provide a visual component to your audio, which can help emphasize important points and keep the viewer's attention longer.

Additionally, well-crafted captions can add a layer of professionalism and polish to your videos, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Captions can boost SEO and discoverability

Captions are indexed by search engines, which means they can help your videos appear in search results when users search for related content.

This increases the visibility of your videos and can lead to higher engagement rates, as more people discover your content through organic search.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Instagram’s auto-generated captions

Can you edit auto-generated captions on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram allows you to edit the auto-generated captions to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Once the captions are generated, you can review and modify them before finalizing your post.

Can you add auto-generated captions to other social platforms?

While Instagram provides a native auto-captioning feature, other platforms may require external tools to generate captions.

Snapvid can be an excellent resource for creating and applying captions across various social media platforms, ensuring consistency and quality.

How does Instagram’s auto-generated captioning work?

Instagram uses advanced speech recognition technology that analyzes the audio track of your video and generates captions based on what is spoken.

This AI-driven process is continually improving, offering better accuracy over time.

Are captions necessary for all types of videos?

While not mandatory for all videos, captions are highly recommended for enhancing accessibility and engagement.

They are particularly useful for educational content, tutorials, or any videos where clear communication is crucial.

How can I ensure my captions are effective?

To make your captions as effective as possible, ensure they are accurate, concise, and clear.

Customize them to match the style and pace of your video and consider using tools like Snapvid to enhance their quality and appeal.